Hip-hop and learning have always been closely connected; many would claim knowledge is the genre's so-called fifth element. As such, hip-hop has always made a great classroom tool, whether it's encouraging school dress codes, spreading science lessons, or, in the case of one teacher at the University of California Davis, teaching slang to ESL students.

Cali's recent experiment raises some important questions: If hip-hop can effectively teach ESL, what other subjects can it offer some instruction in? And—crucially—who would teach the courses? From Bun B to Nas, plenty of rappers have spent time in the academic world, so we'd wager the rappers themselves would be the best candidates for tackling instruction.

Here's a course catalog designed to ensure you meet all your prerequisites, electives, and distribution requirements and get all that essential knowledge from the genre's leading academic authorities. Register quickly, though—these courses are going to fill up quickly.

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