Metal Gear Solid. Those three words printed in bold, red font and against a white background, made up the front cover of the video game’s American release.

It was subtle. It didn’t give off the impression of what Metal Gear Solid would ultimately become: a magnum opus not only for the PlayStation but the entire video game industry. Prior to Metal Gear Solid’s release on September 3, 1998, the video game had an interesting promotional run.

Remember this commercial? How about this one? And let’s not forget the Metal Gear Solid demo that was a part of Pizza Hut’s nationwide Stuffed Crust Pizza debut that same year. Overall, Konami’s promotional campaign for the video game totaled to $8 million. The price for innovation isn’t cheap and when Metal Gear Solid finally arrived on shelves in Electronic Boutiques and other video game-selling stores, one question remained: would Hideo Kojima’s overly ambitious project deliver?

It did. Metal Gear Solid recently had its 15 year anniversary for its U.S. release, and to celebrate we decided to discuss some of the most important aspects of life the video game taught us. From touching on existentialism to highlighting just how detrimental war is, Metal Gear Solid taught us a lot of valuable lessons while giving us one hell of a video game experience. Mission accomplished, Mr. Kojima: here are the 10 Things Metal Gear Solid Taught Us About Life.

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