Ingredients: 2 oz. red berry flavored gin, juice of one lime, club soda, lime wedge for garnish
Directions: Shake gin and lime juice, strain into tall ice-filled glass, top with club soda.

If you’ve ever had a cherry lime rickey at a soda fountain and thought, “Damn, this would taste amazing with some gin in it,” you’re not alone. The Rickey actually started out as an alcoholic drink back in 1883, when as legend has it, a certain Col. Joe Rickey first squeezed some lime juice into his morning eye-opener of bourbon and sparkling water. By the time the decade was out, gin became the spirit of choice in a Rickey, and that’s the way it stayed until Prohibition, when the name became associated with the non-alcoholic kids’ stuff. The cherry lime rickey, to be fair, is a fantastic drink; utilizing red berry flavored gin brings out a hint of that fruitiness without the cloying sweetness that goes with it.