Right now, gin is in. Gin & Tonics and Negronis aren’t just tasty drinks, they’ve almost become fashion accessories for the hipster set. This hasn’t always been the case but hey, when you’ve been around since the Middle Ages the way gin has, you can’t always stay trendy for centuries on end. The juniper berries that give gin its distinctive flavor had been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times; the names of the geniuses that decided to use them in distilled spirits are sadly lost to history. Up until the 19th century, gin was not considered the most premium of spirits. But as distilling techniques became more sophisticated, gin became more refined. Before long it was embraced by everyone from mixologists, who were busy creating the earliest of cocktails, to the British Navy, whose sailors first created the gimlet.

London dry gin ruled the spirits roost throughout the first half of the 20th century, as the martini and G & T became two of the best-known cocktails in the world. Vodka became the clear spirit of choice by the end of the 1960s, but gin has been making a steady comeback ever since the new cocktail culture rediscovered it around Y2K. Today, flavored gins represent the latest step in the spirit’s long evolution. These ten gin cocktails are all old school (we’re talking 1800s for a lot of ’em), but flavored gins give them a totally modern twist—and they taste great too.