The titles produced by the video game industry over the last five years are as diverse and stratified as any other period in the medium's history.

With the seventh generation of gaming rapidly coming to a close, the titles that marked the tail end of this era have been some of the most thematically complex and narratively challenging titles the industry has ever seen. These last five years, 2008-2013, have stood out like a beacon. Their contributions to the medium are the perfect constructs to bridge the gap from the closing of this generation and the beginning of the eigth generation of video gaming.

These 10 titles stand out among the hundreds and hundreds of titles that have been released over the past half decade. Indie titles, massive studio releases, Kickstarter darlings, and mobile games have all contributed immeasurably, but it's these ten games that stand out as the most important in terms of narrative, mechanics, and scope. These are the 10 Best Video Games of the Last Five Years.

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