If YouTube's ads make you want to rip your hair out, then you might want to take your wallet out.

The company is getting ready to launch a Spotify-like service that will allow customers to watch videos ad-free, stream album music, and save videos for offline viewing for $10 a month. The ad-filled free version of YouTube will still be available and no videos will be limited for free users. There's no timetable for the launch of the paid version, but it's thought that Google will try to release it before Beats Music is released by the end of this year. YouTube has already locked in all of the music licensing it needs through Google All Access, its parent company.  Also, not to jump the gun here, this new streaming service could also be incorporated into Google Glass at some point. Even though you can listen to Spotify, Pandora, and the like for free, people still pay for those services to get the extra features minus the advertisements, and with YouTube's already huge audience, people are bound to pay for this, too.

[via The Telegraph]