As a Gmail users by the boatloads have been complaining about the new Compose window, Yahoo! just gave its users something to cheer about.

On the company's 16th anniversary today, they unveiled a total redesign of Yahoo! Mail that's now in line with the recent updates they've given to other pages on their site. Stylistically, it's photo driven, and there are about 12 different themes users can choose from that feature an image pulled from Flickr. Fonts, buttons and hues on the screen will change to match the color of the photo (for those of you with an iPhone with iOS 7, it's kind of like what the lock screen does with your background picture.) The way users navigate through the inbox got a little easier, too: users can now hit a magnifying glass button near a sender's name and it will list every email the user has ever got from that person.

Users are also getting for free what Yahoo! Mail Plus users have had to pay for, like 1TB of free storage—which Yahoo! says is good for 6,000 years of emails—and the ability to create a fake disposable email address if you have to email marketers, or the like. For Tumblr users, they'll feel right at home when they compose an email in Yahoo! Mail, as a white box similar to what they use to compose content in Tumblr is used when they want write an email in Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer also worked on Gmail when she was an employee at Google, so her experience is helping to refine Yahoo! Mail into something more appealing for a broader base of users.

As of now, the update hasn't hit my email, so it might be rolling out at a slow pace. Let us know what you think if you've already got the change.

[via The Verge]

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