Bottled wine made specifically for cats goes on sale in Japan today. Because a cat passing out drunk after lapping up a bowl of fine, aged wine is exactly what every pet owner needs. 

B&H Lifes has created Nyan Nyan Nouveau, which it hopes will become the kitty wine of choice. It doesn't actually contain alcohol, but it does have Vitamin C, catnip and Cabernet grapes which all contribute to its red wine flavor. 

Here's the funny part: B&H was motivated to create the drink so people could celebrate cat birthdays or give cats something to sip while the family is getting hammered during the holidays. The finest of water isn't enough?

The Nyan Nyan Noveau will be available in limited quantities (1,000 bottles) and will be priced at 399 yen, or $4. If you have a kitten, you should purchase it now, let it age, then pop it when your little furball becomes a grown cat. It was made for celebratory events.

[via Kotaku]