It's the question that's probably been on your mind, but you declined to ask for whatever reason (maybe you were too high to care): why the hell are some avid weed smokers so skinny? Well, according to a recent study, there's a relationship between marijuana use and waist circumference. The study found that smokers seem to have smaller waists and are generally more healthy than non-smokers. 

Uncle Snoop, Wizwe're looking right at you guys.

The study involved 4,600 subjects; factors like waist circumference were evaluated in proud stoners, retired smokers and those who abstain completely. BMI, glucose levels, insulin levels and resistance and waist circumference were all lower in smokers than former and non-smokers. 

While scientists are fascinated by the results, they can't identify a specific reason for their findings, nor can they say with confidence that marijuana use was responsible. If you're skinny and you smoke a lot of weed, proceed. If you're looking to lose weight, don't expect to find your answer at the bottom of a bong. 

This infographic may help, though.

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[via Diets in Review]