The government shutdown has been a disaster so far, to say the least, but White House Deputy Tech Adviser Tom Power is making the best of a bad situation, and turning to bartending for fellow bureaucrats to kill time during the first government shutdown in 17 years.

Plenty of government workers are certainly hitting up the local drinking establishments due to cheap drink specials aimed at them, but Tom Powers decided to take it to the other side of the bar, and picked up some shifts at Gypsy Sally's, a newly opened music venue in Georgetown.

Power has an in with the co-owner, who is his childhood friend, and was given the a-OK by ethics officials, with the exception that he can't accept tips from private sector workers, making Power one of the most interesting bureaucrats in the White House.

If you're in the Georgetown area, it could be fun to have the White House's Deputy Technology adviser pour you a beer. Hey, maybe you could even learn something from him too.

Here you go, for visualization purposes:

[via TechCrunch

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