Capcom’s Deep Down sounds weird. It’s got an Assassin’s Creed twist in that you’re reading memories of a medieval Dark Souls-ish time which serves as the game’s setting. It looks like a cross between a Souls game and Capcom’s own Dragon’s Dogma, but it’s an MMO.

This PS4 game is also apparently a free-to-play, although nothing about its UI or apparent mechanics seem to really seem to suggest that visually – it looks like a crazy multiplayer triple-A dungeon crawler.

This non-translated video showing about 25 minutes of direct feed gameplay from TGS may not answer your questions about the way the game works (although in terms of difficulty, it may match Souls in aesthetic only) but it does give you a look at how damn gorgeous the game is. Check out the four-on-one dragon battle around the 25:00 mark and enjoy the jaw-dropping effects at work.

Via Youtube