Last month Valve released details about its new living room friendly Steam Machines; the strangest part of the announcment was the controller. The Steam Controller looks much like an Xbox 360 controller except is has no thumbsticks. Instead the controller features two super-sensitive touch pads that can be mapped however players want.

Check out this demo video of running the Steam Controller though several different game types. The video shows the functionality with games: Portal 2, Civilization 5, Counter Strike Go and Papers Please.

"It's important to distinguish a joystick, which does a relative or velocity based movement, and this one-to-one mode, where you can move your thumb a fixed amount of distance and the view will correspond that fixed amount of distance," Jeff Bellinghausen, the video's narrator states.

It's hard to imagine how it will feel without getting our hands on one but the ultra sensitivity seems fascinating. Not enough to get PC keyboard and mouse junkies out of their chairs but an easy crossover for console gamers.

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[Via GamesIndustry]