It happened again. The United Airlines website experienced yet another glitch that resulted in ticket prices plummeting at an alarming rate. 

The airline reached out to the New York Daily News, saying that this latest incident was "an intentional manipulation of our website," adding that "reservations won’t be ticketed or honored unless the required miles are available." 

Word got around the Internet last night that roundtrip flights were available for as low as $5 by simply logging into a Mileage Plus account and using non-existant flier miles. However, a United Airlines spokesman told the Daily News that no tickets were purchased; in reality, they were only reserved. If the miles aren't available, your trip isn't happening. 

Just last month, the airline faced a similar problem, as people were allowed to boook flights for cheap prices. Some were even free. United honored the fares that time around due to error on their part, but there was no way they were letting this latest incident rock. 

So if you have the flier miles available, you might have come up. Otherwise, it was wishful—yet fun—thinking.

[via New York Daily News]