As Twitter gears itself up for its Nov. 7 IPO, it just released a very important piece of information: the 70 million shares that will be available that day will be going for $17 to $20 a share.

The company could make close to $1.3 billion during the IPO, and this would bring up Twitter's value (at a diluted basis) to $12 billion. This would make Twitter more than four times more valuable than the old school Internet juggernaut, AOL, but a far cry from reaching the $127 billion that Facebook is worth. Starting this Monday, Twitter execs will be going across country during the company's "roadshow," which will see them attempt to woo big-time investors into taking a stake with the company. Once Nov. 7 comes along, you'll see "TWTR" scrolling along the New York Stock Exchange. Get ready.

[via NY Times]