Number Of Episodes: 5
Stars: Malin Akerman, Bradley Whitford, Michaela Watkins, Ryan Lee, Natalie Morales, Bailee Madison, Marcia Gay Harden, Albert Tsai
Premise: Katie Harrison (Malin Akerman), an ex-party girl marries Pete, a lawyer, (Bradley Whitford) after a spontaenous meeting at a bar. Unsuspecting, she's also initiated into his chaotic family consisting of his two ex-wives, Diane (Marcia Gay Hatden) and Jackie (Michaela Watkins) and their children.

Worst moment from the latest episode: This evening's episode of Trophy Wife is brought to you exclusively by Microsoft's Surface Tablet, currently on sale at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, other major national retail outlets. Be sure to check out special promotional rates at specified online retailers, including Amazon. Among the stale, recycled jokes that were yawn-heavy in vanilla suburban fare back in the 8 Simple Rules days, during a segment where ex-wife number 2 makes an online video to get dates, she does so on a Microfost Surface Tablet. You get a face full of logo for nearly three solid minutes. The only way to describe the bold shamelessness of this episode's product placement is icky.

Prognosis: Despite earning the lowest ratings of its series run at 4.03 million viewers, Trophy Wife, thanks to a surge of positive reviews that is very confusing to this viewer, is hanging strong.