Number Of Episodes: 4
Stars: Rebel Wilson, Lauren Ash, Liza Lapira, Kevin Bishop, Kate Jenkinson
Premise: Three nerdy friends, led by an inexplicably successful lawyer, Kimmie (Rebel Wilson), vow to live their lives to the fullest by going out every single weekend. The only problem is that they're all socially inept: Kimmie's got paralyzing shyness, Marika (Lauren Ash) is an unwittingly intimidating man-lady, and Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira) is a mousey Asian stereotype. Rounding out the cast are Kevin Bishop as Richard, Kimmie's immature but cute boss, and Kate Jenkinson as Kendall, Kimmie's ruthless, gold-digging co-worker.

Worst moment from the latest episode: Despite some highlights, including Helen, Alice, and Marika teaching themselves the word "ratchet" with flashcards and Ashley Tisdale playing Kimmie's sister (essentially a heightened version of Sharpay in High School Musical), Super Fun Night can't make up for the times you get the urge to fast-forward. As in, any time Richard and Kendall are on screen. Trying to make unlikable, boring people funny is more infuriating than endearing.

Prognosis: ABC announced that it order two more scripts of the sitcom, which essentially means it's clinging to life. Suggestion? Add Jackie Weaver to the main cast. As Kimmie's meddling mom, she's been the most genuinely entertaining aspect of the show's entire run.