Number of episodes: 4
Stars: Hannah Ware, Stuart Townsend, Chris Johnson, Wendy Moniz, Henry Thomas, Braeden Lemasters, Elizabeth McLaughlin, James Cromwell

Premise: A beautiful but unhappily married photographerm Sara Hanley (Hannah Ware) begins an affair with a charming well-to-do stranger, Jack McAllister (Stuart Townswend), only to find out that said stranger is married and is the defending lawyer in a murder case on which her husband (Chris Johnson) is the prospecutor. Think of it as Romeo and Juliet for people who enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey.

Worst moment from the latest episode: Any moment that stars Henry Thomas. But to throw you a bone, here's one moment in particular: Thomas's T.J., fresh out of jail, decides to hit up an autobody shop run by a former cell mate. There, he and mechanics desperately trying not to laugh at his awful acting fix up an Impala for shits and giggles.

Prognosis: Here's what we can't figure out: who is this show's target audience? Just sad dudes? As the episodes increase, so does the number of times Hannah Ware undresses on screen, and not just for sex. The camera focuses on her changing into pajamas at least twice an episode. Betrayal is a romance novel for guys with a flimsy murder plot that's become more cliched and over-the-top by the minute. Case in point: James Cromwell's Donald Trump-meets-Michael Corleone Thatcher Karsten literally crucifies a business partner who double-crosses him. It's supposed to be shocking, but instead, we're left thinking, "Of course."