So the Ellen Page and Willem DaFoe vehicle, Beyond Two Souls has been met with mixed reactions. David Cage and Quantic Dream have created a pushing the definition of what a 'game' actually is.

And that criticism isn't coming from a place of veneration. Much of the heat that Beyond is stoking comes from the title handling more like an interactive film than a traditional 'game'. WIth much of the action relegated to the role of spectator while the more cinematic elements of the title are used to propel the game. The title has been accused of being nothing more than a glorified quick-time event.

Predictably, the Internet, and YouTube specifically, has some choice words for Quantic Dream Studios and the game itself. Grammar and spelling sticklers need not apply. NSFW language and snark move to the front of the line.

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(Via Shesellssheshells on YouTube)