We've already covered how players in Grand Theft Auto V will have their curiousity rewarded by exploring the massive land mass of Los Santos and the surrounding Blaine County.

UFOs, Sasquatches, and sunken treasure are all to be found for the intrepid explorer. But what about one of the most influential rappers of the last 30 years? A rapper with a pervasive and persistent conspiracy theory surrounding his supposedly faked death. Well it seems that Tupac Shakur is kicking it in Los Santos Elvis style.

Tupac, or at least his mute doppelganger, can be found on Grove Street, and the resemblance is pretty compelling. The Reddit thread with these photos shows exactly where you can find Tupac quietly walking around Franklin’s neighborhood.

Wait, as an NPC though, does that mean we can find Tupac and then pick a fight with him? 

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