Look. It's Friday afternoon. You're mentally checked out for the week, I'm mentally checked out for the week...why should we fight it, when we can just sit here instead and watch this video of the ever-charming Tom Hiddleston doing an impression of Owen Wilson as The Avengers' Loki? The correct answer is that we shouldn't—and, it's apparently our lucky day, because here's a video of Hiddleston doing just that at Popcorn Taxi.

Real talk: It's actually a pretty impressive impersonation, and probably exactly how Wilson would sound if he was portraying Loki. "You know, for God’s sake you know, just, like, kneel," Hiddleston says, in his best Wilson voice. "I’m Loki of Asgard, I’m burdened with glorious purpose, that’s all." 

You can check out the video above.

[via Badass Digest]