With the new season of Parks and Recreation under way, we realize how empty our Thursdays have been without Tom Haverford's office-casual polos, skinny ties, tailored blazers and the occasional ascot. This season the man once called (by himself) "Brown Superman with a Beard" and "The Brown Gosling” suits up to take on new challenges, namely pursuing Nadia and shutting down his Rent-a-Swag competitors.

Pawnee’s swankiest entrepreneur is also a master rebrander. He changed his name from Darwish Sabir Ismael Gani and rechristened himself Tom Haverford, confident ladies man. He proudly rocks the peacock and makes orange hats cool (just go with it, OK?). Tom operates on another level of "Adam Sandlers" (sandwiches), "Hot Ice" (water), and "Malt Whitmans" (40s).

He's literally (lit-er-ally) at the vanguard of a lexicon revolution. Study up and learn to talk the talk with Tom Haverford's New Dictionary of American English.  

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