If you don't have nice things to say, don't say anything at all. Simple enough, right?

Yet, as Facebook users prove over and over again, this simple rule doesn't apply to the social network. Take Justin Mateen, a co-founder of the popular dating app, Tinder, who went on Facebook last night and posted a link to a story about Tianducheng, the city China built as a replica of Paris. Mateen captioned it with: "Silly asians... always copying shit!"

Whoa. A little uncalled for there, Justin. A little more than uncalled for, actually. Just as humans have been prone to say stupid shit like this throughout our history, humans also have a tendency to copy things (like, say, the idea for a dating app)—and copying isn't some magic phenomena somehow inherent in Asians. C'mon, just take a look at the replica Tour de Eiffel sitting on the Sunset Strip in Vegas. If anything, China was copying our attempt at copying Paris. It's different to say that a country was silly for its attempt at something, than saying an entire ethnic group was for it.

Plus, Tianducheng is a story about failure, and this isn't anything new. One of the first comments on Mateen's post, from some dude named Nils Jucaud, takes the remarks even further, "Copying shit... Bro they have 'ChinDer' in China! Haha does not matter if you swipe left or right they all look the same!" which got six 'likes' at the time the screenshot was taken of the post.

OKCupid, here we come.

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[via ValleyWag]

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