Have you ever stopped to think about time? It sounds weird, maybe, and even philosophically dense, but in a ten second window a lot of things can happen. Time, of course, waits for no one – all you can see if what’s immediately in front of you. Ten seconds isn’t enough time, really, to do, see or experience anything.

But what if it was?

This is the premise behind the indie Timeframe, which lets you experience ten seconds of the world over the span of ten minutes. You’re free to move and explore at regular speed, going where you will and observing whatever you want, unhindered by the very slow passage of time.

You may even notice falling leaves suspended in air, or dust particles frozen in place. And if you’re lucky, if you really explore, you may even see something incredible that you’d never catch if time were moving at full speed.

Play Timeframe right in your browser via the link below – or, even better, download it for the Oculus Rift. Maybe next time you hear a ticking clock you’ll have a fresh perspective.

Via Lacuna Passage