Every year, a new batch of bright-eyed and ambitious people pack up their lives and move to New York City. You’ve already seen the city romanticized (Sex and the City) and you’ve seen its faults laid bare (Girls) by the media time and again. If you’re moving here, you were probably drawn here by the things you’ll have. You’ll have job opportunities, unique experiences, and a dating pool filled with intelligent, sexy people. You’ll also have intense competition, a tiny apartment, and sky-high expenses. But, what about the things you won’t have?

Not enough attention is paid to the things you’ll leave behind when you come to live in the City that Never Sleeps. When I got to the City I wasn’t prepared for some comforts that I thought were universal to be as rare as they are in Gotham. No one told me that a cheap beer and a dishwasher were items about as common as a taxi headed to Brooklyn. I wish all of you heading out to the metropolitan area the best of luck. But before you get here, you might want to read our list of 25 Things That You Won’t Have When you Move to NYC. It won’t make their absence any easier, but it least you won't be taken by surprise.

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