When: December 2011
Where: Follow the Money

The meanies at FOX were not happy that there is a character in the most recent Muppets movie that negatively depicts Texas Oilmen. We would be interested in seeing all of the art out there that offers a sympathetic vision of Texas Oilmen, but we digress. Guest Dan Gainor argued that "the only green that should be up on that screen should be Kermit the Frog." Not only does this ignore the eco-friendly bent that has been a part of the Muppets' culture from the beginning, but it isn't clever enough to make it into a Henson product as a throw-away gag. Gainor comes to the aid of the poor oilmen with a defense that is actually funny. He says, "Oil means for most people ... fuel to light a hospital, fuel your home, fuel for an ambulance to get you to a hospital ..." We've posted the Muppets' amazing response to FOX before, but damn it, we'll post it every time we get the chance.