When: January 2007
Where: The O'Reilly Factor

"Colbert, that's a French name isn't it?" O'Reilly and Colbert's long-awaited interview started out in a hilarious and unexpected manner. Those who were expecting the kind of punchy debate that O'Reilly usually has with Jon Stewart were treated to a segment that felt more at home on The Colbert Report than The O'Reilly Factor. The strangest thing is that it seems that O'Reilly is actually pretty angry at Colbert for emulating his style. After a minute or two spent debating whether or not Colbert is in the pocket of the elites, O'Reilly accused Colbert of stealing his bit. "The more I'm on, the more successful you will be," he says, and then follows this with an honestly confused, "The New York Times hates me, but they love you." We're not sure if O'Reilly understands the concept of parody.