2K Marin has announced the first downloadable content for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified as Hangar 6 R&D. Hangar 6 drops on October 8 exclusively for Xbox 360 for $4.99.

Hangar 6 will take players on a series of missions set before the start of The Bureau and the alien invasion. Players will control The Bureau's supporting character, Agent DaSilva, in a series of missions focused on creating and developing the psychic powers featured in The Bureau.

It only seems appropriate that a prequel game would get a prequel DLC. Hangar 6 also looks to up the already challenging difficulty of The Bureau by focusing on "big, hard fights" and features new sets of skills and powers.

Hangar 6 centers around agents being treated with gas to enhance their mental powers, much of which was inspired by actual military testing in the 1960s.

"We did a lot of research on psychic and psychotropic military experiments of the 60s," says lead designer Harley White-Wiedow. " We watched lots of videos of soldiers giggling in trees.  We read up on Remote Viewing (a series of government experiments wherein trained soldiers were supposedly able to know things about a subject using only Extra-Sensory Perception – that is, psychically)."

Hangar 6 R&D drops exclusively on Xbox 360 on October 8 for $4.99.

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[Via 2KGames]