Album: Donnie Darko soundtrack (2002)
Video Game: Gears of War (2006)

Often video game commercials will go with a fast-paced song in order to turn adrenaline into sales but this wasn't the case with Gears of War. Instead, guitar thrashing or speedy record scratches, Epic Games went with the solemn crooning of Gary Jules and Michael Andrew's 2005 remake of the Tears for Fears classic "Mad World." The switch-up worked perfectly and the commercial struck an emotional chord with gamers that felt like whatever the main character was up against was something worthy of unsurmountable dread. As if the song wasn't dope enough, the Gears of War co-sign made it badass and now every time a gamer hears it, they think of Marcus Fenix rolling on the ground to look up and find a monstrous beast leering down at him. Classic.

Watch the Gears of War commercial:

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