There is, of course, selfie parody. Anyone who considers themselves to be the least bit funny is required to have some sort of goofy selfie in their profile pic arsenal that draws attention to the very act of selfie creation. Generally, this type of selfie is reserved for those who are not attractive enough to post pictures of their favorite body parts and not rich enough to post pictures of their gourmet food or vacation homes. Yes, this comprises the entire staff of Complex Tech, how did you know?

You have a lot of options when showing the world how funny you are. You can stage a selfie with your child, your pet, or your grandmother. You can simply throw on a funny t-shirt. If you also want to show the world how smart you are, you can create some sort of socio-political commentary with your selfie. We aren't actually smart enough to tell you how you would go about doing that, but we're sure you'll figure it out. Whatever you do, make sure you put your efforts towards doing dumb stuff on the Internet rather than writing a thoughtful essay or creating art. Learning to sculpt or play the cello is dope and all, but where's the instant gratification? Forget writing the great American novel, it's high time you focused on taking the Great American Selfie.