Selfies have taken over the Internet. You can’t even log on to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram without being assaulted by the faces of every person you've ever met and never wanted to see again. It can all be a bit overwhelming, seeing so much ego and vanity colorfully filtered and arrayed for you on your iPhone. We can’t stop the onslaught of selfies. Believe us, if we knew a way, we would dedicate all of our energies to such a noble task.

What we can do is break down the species of selfie so that we can better understand the egotistical pics that clog up your bandwidth on the daily. A selfie is always self-serving, but there are a number of ways that a selfie can stroke the ego. Many selfies serve your vanity. You find the best light possible and show off the abs, ass, or whatever other body part is better than the others. Some use selfies to show their conspicuouis consumption, from where they are vacationing to what they had for lunch. Others employ the selfie to prove to the Internet that they are too clever for a standard selfie. Yes, the selfie is a versatile way to let the world know all the way you think you’re better than the rest of us in whatever way you wish. So, in honor of Instagram's three-year anniversary this month, we honor the selfie. Consider all of these ways to put your best, most annoying digital face forward with our 15 Types of Selfies.