It didn't end with trolling Anthony Weiner and it won't end with porn (which further trolled Anthony Winer), either. Sydney Leathers is milking the hell out of her "moment," becoming the new face of dating website Arrangement Finders. The online platform is basically a simp-meets-sugar baby meet and greet, because one can't thrive without the other. 

Leathers replaces one of Charlie Sheen's former goddesses, Bree Olson, and the site is overjoyed about her involvement. "Sydney personifies the upwardly mobile sugar daddy community perfectly and we're excited to have her on board!" said site representative AJ Perkins. Of course she does. 

How do you think Anthony Weiner feels everytime he sees her face or hears her name? Meanwhile, her stock continues to rise (for the moment, at least), while his is...where it's at.

[via New  York Daily News]

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