A six student team has built a realistic-looking rendered recreation of 17th century London for a British competition using CryEngine, Wired UK reports.

Pudding Lane Productions, a six student team from DeMontfort University in Leicester, England, used Crytek’s proprietary engine to render a detailed model of London as it would have appeared around the time of Shakespeare, letting players fly over the city’s streets and observing historical bits such as a historically accurate London Bridge or the (approximate) location of the bakery on where the Fire of London broke out in 1666.

The competition, which was sponsored by Crytek and held in conjunction with the British Library and the GameCity projected, allowed the small development team to use maps of old London from the British Library, allowing for a pretty close to accurate representation. The results, as you can see, are pretty amazing. Here’s hoping that in the future this sort of thing becomes the norm for historical documentation (on top of actual historical documents).

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Via Wired UK