School: University of Georgia
Date: August 2010
Purpose: Orientation 

This video opens with what appears to be the floor team at Target walking down a hallway, and it gets progressively more ridiculous from there. If you take "Party in the UGA" at its word, a college experience in Athens involves crossing streets, dancing outside of administrative buildings, and laughing with friends in otherwise empty courtyards. Though, we suspect, a typical Bulldog day begins with funneling a Heineken keg can between one's butt cheeks and throwing a drunken haymaker at a Bama fan (again, we're speculating).

Anyway, if the goal was to get incoming freshman jacked up about college life in the SEC, this video should have been Aaron Murray fourth quarter comebacks and "I'm Shmacked" trailers exclusively. Seriously. If we were running the show over there, we'd just pack the class of 2017 in an auditorium, give everyone a four pack of Red Bull, and play Herschel Walker highlight reels until kids started bicycle kicking holes in the walls. Instead, you're running this shit? FOH. Oh, and to the marketing department at UGA, you're welcome.