So, this random jackass walks into a Starbucks in Los Angeles and gets this model's number. Instead of going about dating like normal people do (oh you know, sending some flirtatious texts, a phone call for a date... maybe even an emoticon or two), this guy opts to go a completely different route to seduce this beautiful woman. And by "completely different," I mean, he literally sends the chick a selfie video with Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" playing in the background, without ever saying a word. Check it out:

Creepy. Vain. Dumb. There are many ways to describe this video. Yet, why are we able to see this video to begin with? It seems like the model, Piper Kennedy, sent the video to her friend, Ben Roc, and he posted it to his Instagram. Word started going around, and now this dude's video has been memefied. 

So, congrats, Mr. Turd of the Year, you'll now always be remembered as #starbucksdrakehands. 

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