Star Citizen, the massively multiplayer space simulation developed by the much-loved creator of Wing Commander, likes to model its spacecraft salesmanship after high-end car ads. In this case maybe more like a "regular-joe" type Lexus ad, you know, for those of us who pop out to buy a Lexus every now and then.

This video shows off the Aurora, which can be customized from a scale of minivan-like to roadster-gunship. The upbeat sound track makes us want to get out on the road, er space, and really put this deathtrap through its paces. Bad news is that you can't get this beauty yet, but a $45 pledge to the Kickstarter funded game will net you this fly ride once it launches.

Star Citizen has raised over $20 million in public funding but has no set released date yet.

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[Via Joystiq]