Long before Deena Cortese...before The Situation got sober...way before Snooki had a baby...Angelina Pivarnick was a regular on Jersey Shore, and somewhat relevant in popular culture. I know, I know, it feels like a lifetime ago, right? Bear with me here: It did happen, I promise you. 

In the years since she was kicked off, Angelina has done everything she can to hold on to what tiny little amount of fame she has left, from staging a fake engagement to trying her hand at music (terribly). Now, she's taken to just literally challenging celebrities to fights, because that's probably all she can do to make people pay attention to her. It's kind of sad, really, but c'est la vie when you're a reality star trainwreck.

From an interview with FitnessRX Radio:

“I would love to fight Snooki in the ring,” Pivarnick said. “Bring it on.”

She continued, “She should remember where she came from. If it weren’t for me, she would have walked off that show. If it’s not her, have me and JWoww fight each other. You know what would be a hysterical fight? A fight between me and my replacement Deena. All of the above baby; bring it on." [...]

“Snooki’s such a big celebrity that she’ll decline the fight,” concluded Pivarnick,” because she’s scared of me.”

No, Angelina, that's not how it went. Did she already forget about the time Snooki straight up attacked her on Jersey Shore because she was being such a mega-annoying cockroach? That's sad, time really has flown since that show. Here's the clip to refresh her memory. 

Man. Watching this clip kind of makes me miss early seasons of the show. So tan...such trainwrecks. Sigh.

[via Uproxx]