Snapchat's newest update might be its biggest one yet.

The company just introduced a new feature called 'Stories' that allows users to send Snaps that can be viewed up to 24 hours. The idea behind it is that if users send Snaps throughout their day that are related; say, if they're at a concert, they can choose to send a 'Story' instead of a Snap that will allow all of their friends to view videos or pictures from the concert for that 24-hour period. Yet, each new Story that you send has its own expiration—so if you send your first Story out in the morning, and your second one at night, that first one is still deleting when the next morning comes. Once you get the update, all you have to do is record or snap a picture like you usually do, and a new option will appear at the bottom: an icon that looks like a stack of books with a star. Once you hit that, you'll have the option of adding that snap to your story. There are a few new Snapchat ads out now to commemorate the launch, which you can check out one above.

The new Stories feature also allows for more businesses to get involved (of course), since many of them had already begun sending out coupons via Snapchat that would expire instantly. Now the would-be customers will be able to use that coupon at their convenience for a 24-hour period.

We can't stress this enough: TREAT SNAPCHAT AS IF IT WERE YOUR CAR. You're not going to blindly put any ol' gas or oil into your car—you're going to check what goes in. Why? Because you care about your car. Same with Snapchat—check what the hell you're sending and to who. Why? Because you care about yourself and not having leaks go up online. We hope.

[via TechCrunch]