TV show: The Twilight Zone (CBS)
Air date: April 4, 1963
Streaming on Netflix?: No

In 1963, when The Twilight Zone was set to begin its fourth season, Rod Serling was ready to test viewers' endurance. He and CBS expanded the episode duration's to a full hour, rather than the usual 30-minute blocks, to replace the dropped series The Nurses mid-season. For the most part, the move was a success, resulting in a few Zone high-points that benefitted from having more narrative room to breath, including a superb Dennis Hopper leading the ghost-of-Hitler parable "He's Alive," one of Serling's greatest TV scripts.

And then there's "The New Exhibit," one of the show's most horror-minded entries. It's shit-your-pants fodder for people who can't walk past Madame Tussaud's with both eyes open. In it, Martin Balsam stars as Martin Senescu, a wax museum employee who rescues five of his favorite wax figures before the museum gets shut down, those of infamous grave robbers Burke and Hare and serial killers Jack the Ripper, Henri Désiré Landru, and Albert W. Hicks. And, because it's what killers do (even inanimate ones), Martin's new prized possessions, stashed in his basement, eviscerate anyone who dares fuck with their owner.

Props go to the episode's makeup department, who covered the five actors you see above (yes, those are real people) in enough face-cake to make them look creepily waxy.