Money can bring out the absolute worst in people. Take Samar Acharjee, an Indian politician who was filmed sleeping on a bed of money. Acharjee, an offician with the Indian Community Party, can be seen sleeping on stack of rupees that amount to $24,000. He even made a little blanket of money for himself.

As if that didn't make him look like enough of a douchebag, he boasts of how this is only part of the six figures he's made off of government contracts. He also prides himself in not being a hypocrite like other Communist leaders in Tripura who masquerade as "proletariats." 

Though the 43-year-old insists that it was a joke, others weren't amused after the video was leaked to local TV channels. The working class was disgusted, while political opponents accused the party of being downright dishonest and immoral. 

Acharjee's Gordon Gekko moment eventually got him booted for "staining" the party's image. In addition, he received citations for violating party rules and owning a welfare card despite being wealthy. Let's hope he can live by Jay-Z's "even if I fell I'll land on a bunch of money" non-humblebragfor his sake. 

Arrogance is always punished.

[via Los Angeles Times]