In early September, word got around the Internet about a University of Iowa senior who was arrested prior to a football game between the Iowa Hakweyes and the Northern Illinois Huskies, only to later blow a .341 when administered a breathalyzer test. Thus, the legend of "Vodka Samm" was born. 

These days, 22-year-old Samantha Goudie regrets the day "Vodka Samm" found fame, or rather, infamy. Speaking out for the first time since the incident, Goudie told the Daily Iowan "I didn't come to college to drink and be 'Vodka Samm.'" Despite pledging to ink .341 somewhere on her body, Goudie is no longer proud of her "Vodka Samm" moment. 

"I could have easily just taken this opportunity and ran with it and been 'Vodka Samm' my entire life," she said. "But that's not why I came to college."

Once her tweets and photos of her went viral, Goudie began to reconsider the persona she had crafted. Depression followed. "I was completely embarrassed by the whole situation. … I hated going to class," she said, reflecting on the aftermath of her arrest. 

The political science major has since deactivated her Twitter account and is set to graduate next May. Goudie, who told the Daily Iowan that she's struggled with an eating disorder in the past, says she plans to pursue a master's degree in social work to help people who face similar issues.

So, in the end, something good came of this.

[via New York Daily News and the Daily Iowan]