Net Worth: $20 million
Project Name: Palo Alto Stories
Amount Asked For: $500,000
Amount Raised: $327,929

Unlike many ambitious celebrity crowdfunders, James Franco got to keep his money even though he didn't fully fund Palo Alto Stories. As is typical of everyone's favorite renaissance man, Franco approached the project a little bit differently than your standard Kickstarter or Indiegogo-er. Though the stories are adapted from Franco's collection of short fiction, he tapped three emerging filmmakers to direct the films. Why did he do this? You won't be surprised to hear that Franco waxes philosophical on that very subject in his crowdfunding video. When reflecting on his process, he said, "In this way, the movies we want to make get made in the ways we want to make them." Alright, that's suitable pretentious and vague for our tastes: where do we sign up?