Ever since Veronica Mars opened up the floodgates for celebrity crowdfunding, there has been a ton of online soul searching regarding whether celebs should be able to ask for our money. Many feel that the rich and famous have compromised Kicstarter, that something pure has been sullied by the agents of big media. Others, including Kickstarter themselves, believe that every celebrity who attempts crowdfunding means another victory for its legitimacy as a business model. Regardless of your philisophical feelings on this issue, we can all agree that an actor with the net worth of $60 million asking their fans to spot him $100,000 feels kind of ridiculous. Nobody wants to sell off one of their Bugattis, but sometimes you have to suffer for your art. We made a list of the richest celebs asking for your cash, just in case you were looking for someone else to be mad at today. Here are The Richest Celebrities Who Have Asked For Your Money on Kickstarter So Far.