Randi Zuckerberg, big sister to Mark and former spokesperson and director of market development at Facebook, has written a children’s book encouraging kids to spend less time on the Internet and attached to their smartphones and tablets.

The book chronicles the story of its namesake Dot, “an adorable, tech-savvy little girl” who loves her devices perhaps a little too much.

“I was inspired to write Dot after talking with parents around the world. I found that although technology is making our lives easier and helping keep us connected, many parents are worried about how to raise their children in this new digital era,” said Zuckerberg.

In the book, Dot ultimately discovers that “life’s a little bit richer when you look up from the screen,” summing up Zuckerberg’s credo that a tech-life balance is necessary.

Try telling that to Mark, though.

[via Betabeat]