Pusha T says: "I think the Seven Cities is reflected in my music simply because you can tell that I'm exposed to the world, and I feel like the Seven Cities is the reason for that. Some people are from areas where they don't leave that block. The Seven Cities has always showed me just enough to make me want to go explore other areas and take trips and just be amongst the different mixes. And that comes from the Seven Cities being a hotbed for a lot of different people.

"It's a military town. I was exposed to Houston hip-hop culture from the Seven Cities. The military bases, they brought guys from Texas to the area and these guys would go to the mom and pop store and request screwed music and then once they saw a demand that became a section and I was like, 'What the hell is this?' And then it so happened that I run into Slim Thug later on in life and he was like, 'Man, you know Virginia, that 757 area, that's like one of my biggest markets on the east coast.' There are so many people so you get many different influences and I think those influences have always opened my eyes and had me curious and wanting to be exposed to other things."