An official PlayStation app is coming to both iOS and Android Nov 13, Sony announced today. The free download is designed to streamline PSN services for PS members as well as serving as a hub for second screen functionality in various PS4 upcoming games.

After downloading the app on the platform of their choice, PSN users will be able to access their accounts, utilize a bevy of social features and (perhaps most importantly) purchase PSN titles right from their smartphone or tablet, among other features. The app will also act as a remote control for the PS4.

The second screen functionality, which Sony showed off working with the pre-installed PS4 PlayStation Eye game The Playroom, will likely become more of an integral part of the app as more games utilize it.

It’s not clear whether or not third party publishers will be able to utilize the app for second screen elements (in say, the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V) or if publishers will instead opt to create their own proprietary apps (like Watch Dogs’ companion app). Regardless, Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Smartglass app seems a pretty competitive (read: equally effective) answer for PlayStation fans.

Via Gamespot

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