At first glance, Charlie Edmiston might seem like your typical painter. The son of a calligrapher and grandson of a cartoonist, visual arts are in his blood, and Charlie’s personal style stems from a love of street art. However, there’s something different about Charlie that you likely wouldn’t expect of someone who works with an endless array of shades and hues.

He’s colorblind. 

What could normally be seen as a huge handicap for a painter has not held Charlie back. He’s trained himself to know which color is which, and that effort has paid off. In fact, the argument could be made that Charlie’s perseverance turned this limitation into an asset, giving his work further originality that would not be there if he was completely “normal” (whatever that is).

To celebrate Cigna’s ongoing Copyright You campaign, which encourages people to embrace their uniqueness in all its forms, Charlie has painted a new piece that he says is an amalgam of the work he’s been doing over the past decade. “Copyright You means staying original, staying unique, and really just staying true to yourself,” he says. Charlie accomplishes this by continuing to do the kind of work that he believes in, not what anyone else tells him he “should” be doing. This refusal to conform is the mark of a true individual. Cigna wants us all to learn to embrace our uniqueness. Don’t you think it’s high time you Copyright yourself?

To learn more about Charlie’s painting, be sure to check out the video above. And for more on Cigna’s Copyright You app—and to Copyright yourself—be sure to visit, or visit for more on how Cigna is championing individuality.