Ubisoft's next major title Watch Dogs, allows players to hack into the city of Chicago's security cameras and infrastructure and use them as weapons.

Chicago has always been a city of violence, bolstering one of the highest crime rates in the country for years on end. This video gives a look into Chicago's surveillance system and how the powers given in Watch Dogs is not too far from reality. 

An estimated 22,000 cameras are scattered throughout the city, making it the most surveilled city in the United States. In a city crippled by gang violence and a lack of police funding, you won't hear many complaints about the amount of cameras but it may surprise you how close the fiction of Watch Dogs, is to the reality within the city.

Watch Dogs was set for a release later in the year, but developer's Ubisoft announced yesterday, the game would be delayed until early 2014 to fine tune every detail for a greater gaming experience.

It looks as if Ubisoft want's to make this the premier Xbox One and Playstation 4 title by getting all the details right, so stay tuned as more info on Watch Dogs will be flooding in.

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[via Polygon]