Many men have probably never opened a Pinterest page. It's famously known as a place where women love to collect pictures of clothes, flowers, weddings, and Twilight pictures. But, if you're a smart man, you'll use that to your advantage, like Ryan Leak did.

Leak wanted to propose to his girl, Amanda Roman, his girlfriend of five years. Leak knew Roman wanted to get proposed to and married on the same day (off request, but if it's your girl, you'll do it), but he didn't know much else. So, he went on her Pinterest page, and there it was: all of it. In 224 photos on a board called “My Dream Wedding,” Roman had listed everything from how she wanted people to be seated, the colors she wanted guests to wear, to the cake and music schedule— all of the details for her legit dream were there for the taking. “She planned the entire wedding without even knowing that she planned the entire wedding,” he said. And that, ladies and gents, is how you throw a truly personalized proposal and wedding, all in one swoop. 

Check it out above—and takes notes, fellas. Like I always say, don't go for the cookie cutter things with your girl, do something original that speaks to her. 

[via Jezebel]

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