Leave it to students to identify the most effective hangover cure. Though Chinese scienteists claimed that Sprite was the best remedy, several graduate and undergraduate students in Chicago insist that Pedialyte is the best option. The drink, intended for sick infants, may be preferred by Gatorade fans, as it's filled with the electrolytes and nutrients necessary to help you recover.

Demand for Pedialyte has gone way up: in August, sales increased by 16 percent over the previous year. However, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine professor Stanley Goldfarb told Slate that he wasn't sold on Pedialyte, or any of these "remedies," for that matter.

"There's nothing you can do to remove the alcohol byproducts," Goldfarb explained, adding that they "have to be metabolized by your liver, which takes time. There's no evidence that anything is better than waiting." 

So are hangover cures purely psychological?

[via University Herald and Slate]