Film: That Thing You Do! (1996)
Most recent project: Hanks' most recent time in the director's chair produced Larry Crowne. He's currently on timeout until further notice.

That Thing You Do! (which he also wrote and starred in)—a film about a small-time Pennslyvania band who, with the help of an overzealous manager, ride their unexpected hit song into stardom—was Tom Hank's directorial debut. Hanks' movie boasted a stellar soundtrack and strong perfomances from the ensemble cast. So, why has Hanks directed two films nearly 15 years apart? When Hanks isn't directing, he's an A-list actor who probably has scripts holding up lopsided furniture.

When he chose to call the shots again, he, uh—no one really knows what Larry Crowne was supposed to be. But he'll always have That Thing You Do! right? Well, it was so long ago that it's going to slip into fluke territory in a few years.